Frequently Asked Questions

The CHEST SEEK™ Library content can be accessed through mobile app and web browser. The mobile apps are available via iTunes or Google Play.

Questions from nine published book editions, as well as bonus questions only found in the CHEST SEEK Library, are available via various 1-year subscriptions.

  • CHEST SEEK Pulmonary Medicine: 29th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Critical Care Medicine: 28th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Pulmonary Medicine: 27th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Critical Care Medicine: 26th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Pulmonary Medicine: 25th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Critical Care Medicine: 24th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine: 1st Edition​
  • CHEST SEEK Sleep Medicine: 4th Edition
  • ACCP-SEEK Sleep Medicine: Third Edition

Subscriptions can be purchased through the CHEST Store.

Accessing the CHEST SEEK Library

ITunes / iOS app
Responsive web application
Google Play / Android app

Frequently Asked Questions

To download the CHEST App, use your iTunes or Google Play account. To purchase content in the CHEST SEEK™ Library, you will have to use the email and password associated with your CHEST account or create a free CHEST account.

Downloading the CHEST App is free! Subscription to the CHEST SEEK Library is a separate fee.

CHEST SEEK Library subscription – Now available with CME/MOC
Subscriptions all available for 1 year

Full Library
Member $449 | Nonmember $649

Individual Library *
Member $399 | Nonmember $549
*Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine subscription is $149/$199

Signing in with the email and password associated with your CHEST account, you can access the SEEK Library on your iOS and Android devices. You can also access the CHEST responsive web app on your computer or mobile device.

Content can still be accessed in the CHEST SEEK™ and CHEST SEEK™ CME apps. Both apps are still usable and will be retired and removed from the store on December 31, 2018.

Yes! The CHEST SEEK Library now includes an option to claim CME/MOC and there is no additional fee for this feature.

To get available credits, just answer 40 or more questions in a CME/MOC collection. The questions answered do not need to be together or correct since that is not a criteria for claiming.

You will receive a prompt to claim as soon as a bundle of 40 questions is answered.

Native app only (iOS and Android): You will receive a pop-up alert after the app syncs. This happens when you send the app to the background and then back to the foreground, or when you navigate to a new section in the app.

Native app only (iOS and Android): The “Claim Credits” section appears at the top of the SEEK Library screen only when the user is logged in even if there are no claimed or available credits.

When there are available credits, a green “Available” label appears in the “Claim Credits” section.

The “Claim Credits” section can be used if the pop-up prompt to claim credits was ignored (“Later” was selected).

In order to claim credits, navigate to the “Claim Credits” section, select available credits, fill in the form (required fields are indicated) and tap/click the green “Submit” buttons at the bottom. You should receive an email confirmation to the email associated with your account if the claim is confirmed by the CHEST CME integration API.

Please note: not all content subscriptions have CME/MOC available. The library content that is available for CME/MOC includes questions from CHEST SEEK book editions that were recently published and/or questions that were recently reviewed by CHEST SEEK authors. If you wish to claim CME/MOC, please be sure to answer questions and claim credit ONLY within the library’s specified CME/MOC collection(s). CME/MOC must be claimed 1 year from date of purchase.

Users will receive 10 CME credits and MOC points for every 40 CME/MOC-eligible question answered. The breakdown per library is:

Critical Care: up to 75 CME credits/MOC points
300 questions

Pulmonary: up to 120 CME credits/MOC points
480 questions

Sleep: up to 57.5 CME credits/MOC points
230 questions

A very small number of questions were considered outdated by the authors and those questions were removed from the SEEK Library. Those questions are replaced with the message “This question has been omitted due to outdated content.”

If at anytime you choose to renew your subscription to the CHEST SEEK Library, your answers will be restored along with the content, as long as the content is still available in the SEEK Library.​ Renew your subscription under My Account.​

Subscription expires one year from purchase date. At that time, your access to content will be removed. You will still have access to any notes you captured within the app and should export them using the Export Notes function before any edition used becomes expired. If at anytime you choose to renew your subscription to the CHEST SEEK Library, your answers will be restored along with the content, as long as the content is still available in the SEEK Library.

Yes, but only to download the app, to sync your activity AND to use the Web app. After downloading, the iOS and Android apps are fully functional offline. The one exception is submitting a CME/MOC claim, which requires connectivity to sync and to claim from the app.

Yes, answer history and activity will sync as soon as device has Internet connectivity, so that history is also available on another device, once user signs in with the same CHEST ID.  You can now Export Notes from “All Notes” section or from Profile tab. Notes must be exported before an Edition is retired and removed from the app if you want to preserve your notes from that Edition.


  • binary size (as of v1.1): 175Mb
  • size after installation: 251Mb
  • size after the first launch: 280Mb
  • size after sign in with a user who has full access: 286Mb


  • binary size (v1.1): 181 MB (with bundled assets), 26 MB (just the apk), 135 MB (expansion file)
  • size after installation: 234 MB
  • size after first run: 263 MB
  • size after sign in with a user who has full access: 264 MB

No plugins are needed for the iOS and Android apps. No plugins are needed for the Web. We use standard mp4 format; all browsers support it.

This chart shows up after at least 10 users in the community have answered the question. It would look like this if user answered A and answer is incorrect:

incorrect answer

All of the following are found under the Resources tab in the CHEST App:

CHEST Journal App

The CHEST Journal App includes access to current and past issues, including a fully searchable archive back to 1935. Read Online First articles, get quick access to our guidelines and consensus statements, and listen to the monthly podcast. Subscribers and members receive access to full-text articles through username and password. The app is available free to all users.

Price: Download the new app for FREE from iTunes.
Device(s): Available for the Apple iOS® and Android®.

CHEST Events App

Access critical info for CHEST Events. View schedules, tracks, session details, speakers, maps, exhibitors, documents, and more.